Cape Wine Trip

I have just returned from the Cape where I took a little holiday to enjoy some of the wine farms in that region. Cape Town is probably one of the top destinations in Africa for foreign visitors so it is important to choose the right time of year to visit so that you don’t end up paying an arm and a leg! The Cape is well known for its high quality wines and with the perfect weather (for most of the year) it is hard to beat. There is nothing like sitting in the beautiful surroundings and trying out some high quality chilled wines with a nice cheese selection!

I have a friend who lives in the Stellenbosch area – we have known each other for years – and this makes life a little easier (and cheaper!) when compared to paying out for guest houses. There are plenty in the area and if you are paying with foreign currency then it will be fairly cheap but for us locals we have to consider these things :-)

Although I visited quite a few different venues while I was there I must say my trip to Spier really stood out in my mind. The whole place is big with plenty to do and see. They also have a restaurant called Moyos there which makes one of the most awesome curries – something you just have to try if you get a chance to visit. I have actually been to this one in a previous visit some years back, at that time they have a cheetah sanctuary where they took care of injured cats from some of the game parks – that has been moved now which is a shame as it was great for small children to visit. Of course, the wine is fantastic and comes highly recommended – it will also look great in my New Air wine fridge at home to share with my girlfriend.

One of the other most notable wine farms I managed to visit was Verkelken. This still has much of the original buildings and farm lands that have been there for years. It really does give you a sense of the past and they also have a really pretty woodland where you can choose to sit and have a picnic. Obviously, you can enjoy the wines as well and it makes for a wonderful day out.

The amount of different properties you can choose to visit is almost never ending and once you get your car onto the main wine route you will be spoiled for choice. There simply is not enough time to visit them all so it is best to plan out your route before you go to make sure you get to visit the farms at the top of your list.

Spending Some Time in Durban

It has been ages since I posted an update so while I am on Holiday over the Easter period I thought it would make sense. I have spent time in Durban before and it is always a good place to have some fun. One of the reasons it appeals to me is the almost perfect weather right throughout the year, visiting in Jan or Feb can be a bit hot if you are not used to the humidity!

I have been staying with an old friend of mine Gordon De Beer, he is an attorney and if you need any legal help then you can visit his website here to find out more. Gordon has been around for many years and comes highly recommended!

One of the best things to do in Durban is to spend time at the beach. During the world cup in 2010 the entire area was revamped and you can walk from Ushaka marine world right through to the Umgeni bird park. A return trip is almost 20km so it is a great workout! If you are not into walking or running then take your bicycle down, it is a fabulous ride.

BeachfrontThere are a couple of decent shopping centers in the area and I plan to head on down to Gateway in Umhlanaga later in the week. This is by far the biggest and you will find all the major shops there. The place is filled with restaurants making it very simple to choose any type of food you fancy. If you ever make it down to this part of the world then you simply must make the time to visit. If you have kids then you can always watch a movie or take them on the go karts (behind the movies).

I also plan to spend a day at the Dam. I have an old work colleague who spends most of his weekends boating. With a bunch of skis and tubes and a good old fashioned braai it should be a good day out. Last time I went out with them I needed a day to recover, its amazing how many unused muscles you find after a day out skiing!

I will heading back to JHB on Tuesday, this weekend also features a public holiday so it makes sense to stay down here while I have the chance.