Full Circle – Back in Swaziland

I have been all over the place recently and for some reason, as much as I wanted to, I just couldn’t bring myself to update over here. I am not generally lazy and I wanted to work a little bit harder on this site but I am struggling to get there.

Over the past year my job has taken me all over South Africa as well as a couple of trips into Europe and my first time over to the US. It has been a whirlwind but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I now plant to take a well deserved rest in my home country and for some reason that has given me the inspiration to post an update.

Swaziland is such a beautiful country and I wish I could spend more time here but as much as I love it the career opportunities are few and far between. You really need to have your own business here or you will find it hard to get anywhere. I guess the same can be said for many different African countries – as the global economy starts to struggle it affects 3rd world countries in a slightly deeper way. I am lucky to have my job as there are literally millions around the world that suffer without food and shelter – I see it all the time here in Swaziland.

Visiting my family and spending time in the nature reserves was my plan all along and I am really loving every minute of it but I also miss the hustle and bustle of the big cities and international travel. There is something so different about the African bush, its quiet and tranquil but also there is something about the first world and city life – I guess I can’t explain it all properly, not yet, anyway!

I will be here for another 2 weeks and then its back into Johannesburg. I plan to get as many game trips in as I can as well as going slightly nuts with my camera. I want to make the most of it as this is often the best time of year for photography in the wild. I will make sure I post some pics (I know, I have said that before) in my next post so anyone reading this can truly see the beauty of Africa.