Juicing Daily and Health

It has been a while since I found some spare time to post and update – I honestly have been trying for quite some time but for some reason I always seem to find something more important that takes up my time. For that, I am sorry and I will try to ensure things change over 2015.

Christmas was a special time for me as I returned home to Swazi for 3 weeks. This gave me time to unwind from the Johannesburg chaos and also visit with some of my family that I have neglected for a few months. It takes a different mindset to be away from the buzz and fast pace of JHB but the rest always does the soul lots of good! I also miss 3g at a decent speed, but, what can you do :-)

I made a decision (or a new years resolution) to try and make some meaningful improvements to my health over 2015. I know we have all heard this many times before but you have to start somewhere. To begin with, I have joined the local virgin active gym and I really hope I can stick with it. I also bought myself a Breville decent juicing machine so I can muster up some health breakfast each and every day. The idea is to juice up everything from fruits through to vegetables ensuring healthy intake first thing instead of the usual toast and eggs etc. There are plenty of decent juicing machines on the market and you check out the best machines for juicing right here.

I also bought myself a nice high quality treadmill (which cost me a fortune) so when I don’t feel like going out to the gym I can at least get a little bit of a workout from home. I think this is important as there are times when you don’t have the energy to hit the gym and even if you get sick you might find it hard to get back into the exercise routine.

I will keep you guys posted as to my progress – I have started weighing in at 107kg and my ideal weight is somewhere in the low 80’s so I have a long way to go and a lot of work to put in. I think I am of the right mindset though and I should be able to stick to my goals if I can stay on target and avoid any temptations. I think the key to success is sticking with it as even a few days break can ruin the whole plan.

I will try and update in the next 3 weeks and let’s see how I go – wish me luck!