My Home – Swaziland

Growing up in Swaziland was challenging in some ways as the country is not that developed. When compared to South Africa it was a long way behind which made it tough to develop a mindset of a first world country. Communications were always a problem and in some regions almost non existent. Things are slowly changing for the better now and these issues are being addressed but it still remains an ongoing problem to solve.

As I mentioned previously this resulted in a childhood full of adventure as we really lived an outdoor based lifestyle. We spent much of our time in the wild looking for birds and different species of game and that passion has stayed with me through my adult life. To me, there is nothing better than a week in a game reserve!

Career wise I am in IT and spend my time working on marketing online for companies that are looking for a little bit more exposure. There are so many opportunities for small companies to grow outside the bounds of Africa if they focus enough on the right methods. It really is incredible how things have changed and if I look back to my childhood in Swaziland it really is amazing to see how far I have come. Things I take for granted on a daily basis are things I would never have dreamed of 15 years ago. I can only see this growing over time with more and more African companies succeeding online.

If you have stumbled upon this page by accident then I encourage to learn more about my home country on Wikipedia. If you have never been there before the I urge you to take a trip, one of the best ideas is to visit Swaziland and tie it in with a visit to Mbuluzi and even the Kruger National Park. Make sure you squeeze in some golf as well as there are some amazing golf courses in Swaziland and close to the border in South Africa.

Hopefully, my friends and family (for which this website has been setup) will enjoy following and I encourage them to comment and let me know how they are doing!